What does an inclusive
workplace culture feel like?

We begin with INCLUDE®

Introducing INCLUDE

Transforming how organizations include people

At the heart of building and sustaining an inclusive workplace culture is how people include each other.

From how people learn and solve problems together, to how people build workplace practices and grow together.

INCLUDE is a simple, scalable inclusive leadership method that helps leaders include people in ways that increase collective well-being, insight, and potential.

“Kelly and Michael really brought home how being inclusive doesn’t actually require huge shifts in behavior – rather there are lots of very simple steps we could all take which collectively would make a huge difference to the way we communicate.”

Senior Associate
INCLUDE Inclusive Leadership Program, AmLaw 50 firm

What does an inclusive workplace look like?

This is one of the key questions our clients are asking before they work with us, quickly followed by “Ok, now that we know, how do we make that happen within our workplace?”

We begin with INCLUDE.

It starts with transforming how leaders include people. From meetings to mentoring. And how leaders help people include each other. We begin with INCLUDE.

Seek Different Perspectives

Identify what people are perceiving in a situation.

Notice how people feel about what they perceive.

Learn Across Different Perspectives

Clarify understanding of what people are perceiving and feeling.

Listen with curiosity to increase understanding.

Uncover insight across different perspectives.

Seek Contributions Across Differences

Design plans with people across differences.

Engage people across differences to move plans forward.

How we work together

Leaders Learning INCLUDE®

We have learned from our years of working with law firms and other organizations that leaders want simple, effective, standardized methods they can begin using right away to help them lead inclusively and build inclusive workplace cultures.

We deliver a 90-minute session for up to 30 leaders that introduces them to INCLUDE. Participants will learn about the research that guides INCLUDE, learn how to use INCLUDE, and practice applying INCLUDE to a scenario. In addition, participants will leave with an outline of the INCLUDE method they can continue to refer to as a resource and begin using right away. We deliver programs to experienced and emerging leaders.

Having an inclusive culture is more than a mission statement – and it takes more than an unconscious bias training.

It’s a way of being.

“We should have more of these workshops. They served to reinforce and remind everyone that we should work at better communication and gave us some tools to take with us. Thank you, Kelly and Michael!”

Program Participant
Mid-sized Law Firm, Program on Inclusive Communication